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Protecting Special Places

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BioBlitz LOGO FINAL2015 Sandy Hook BioBlitz 

September 18th - September 19th

jeff seining

On September 18th, 2015, the American Littoral Society, in partnership with the National Park Service, hosted the second Sandy Hook BioBlitz. Over 150 scientists, naturalists, and volunteers raced against the clock to identify as many species as possible during the 24-hour period. In addition to collecting important scientific data, the BioBlitz demonstrated the importance of Sandy Hook as a habitat to the many members of the public that visit the park. Adults and children of all ages took part in aseining programs, a tour of the holly forest, and a night time sky watch. There were also many opportunities for the public to interact with the scientists and naturalists participating in the species count.

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by Lindsay McNamara, Communications Manager, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey
To restore Thompsons Beach, along New Jersey's Delaware Bayshore, our team removed debris from the beach, removed rubble from the road leading to the beach, and placed over 40,000 cubic yards of sand (weighing over 9 million pounds) onto the beach. We were filled with pride when we saw sanderlings and ruddy turnstones feeding this August on horseshoe crab larvae on our newly restored beach. We were delighted to learn that this spring, Thompsons Beach had the highest abundance of horseshoe crab egg clusters out of all the beaches that our team monitors on Delaware Bay.
How do we keep the momentum going? How do we ensure our restoration work at Thompsons Beach yields long-term, sustainable results? The answer is clear: we protect the backbone that the beach sits on -- the salt marsh behind the beach.
Joe Smith measures vegetation Joe Smith recording vegetation data at one of the points along the marsh.
Historically, the marsh was farmed and hayed for salt hay or Spartina patens. The salt hay farmers impounded the marsh and diked it for hundreds of years. The farming effort was abandoned mostly over the last 40 years, leaving behind a marsh about one and a half feet lower in elevation than unfarmed marsh. At a lower elevation with no natural tidal channels, the composition of certain areas changed from a lush, vegetated marsh to a mud flat. Besides being far less productive, mud flat contributes to the vulnerability of nearby houses upland in the event of a storm surge.

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The Northeast Chapter placed second in Solution Search, a national contest of solutions to reduce risk of extreme weather.

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By: Dr. Larry Niles, LJ Niles Associates LLC
Clive Minton is fond of saying, “the knots vote with their wings” as a way of saying knots concentrate in the best places for knots. Of course it’s true, animals move to the habitats they find most suitable, nature leaves little room for anything but. Sometimes however, animals use a habitat only because they have little choice — in other words, they are making the best of a bad situation. The job of a good wildlife biologist is to understand the difference. Unfortunately, it’s often not obvious.
red knot flying
Red Knot Photo by: Jan van der Kam

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