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Protecting Special Places

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On Saturday, June 11 the American Littoral Society, Dodge Foundation and Union City Music Project collaborated to bring music and young musicians to the coast.

Since 1961 the Littoral Society has been working to teach successive generations how to care for the ocean and coast. The UCMP works in New jersey's Union City, using music to help children and their families foster a sense of ambition and achievement. Both organizations are grantees of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, which supports leadership, innovation, and collaboration for a better New Jersey.

The UCMP brought music to the Littoral Society's annual Members Day celebration. The Society helped the musicians and their family members get knee deep in the unique flora and fauna of Sandy Hook, part of Gateway National Recreation Area. For some of the children, it was their first visit to a beach.

At 8:00 PM on October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Brigantine, New Jersey, about 30 miles from New Jersey’s Hidden Coast – the Delaware Bayshore. The storm was devastating for the people of the area, many of whom lost their homes and livelihoods. It was equally hard on the area’s wildlife, bringing many species, including the famous horseshoe crab and Red Knot, perilously close to extinction.

What happened? Watch the story unfold in the third episode of our video series:

Read more: NJ's Hidden Coast Episode 3

Pine Barrens Canoe Trip

Join the American Littoral Society for  

canoe trip on the Wading River

Come paddle the scenic Wading River with the American Littoral Society on Friday, June 24. Naturalists from the Society will guide you on a canoe exploration of the world-renowned Pine Barrens. Discover the diversity of the native flora and fauna that can only be found in this unique habitat. 

Pack a lunch and bring extra clothes in a dry bag (in case you accidentally go swimming in the Wading). Canoes and life vests are provided. Great for ages 5 and up. 

Meet at Mick’s Pine Barren Canoe Rental, 3107 County Road 563, Chatsworth, NJ 08019, at 9:30 am. Cost: $50 per member, $60 per non-member.

Reserve your ticket today as space is limited! Checks can be made payable to 'American Littoral Society.' Mail to 18 Hartshorne Drive, Sandy Hook, NJ 07732.

For questions contact or to reserve a spot, contact Stevie Thorsen, Education Director, at 732-291-0055.

Horseshoe crabs may be one of the most unusual animals in the world, but they’re also one of the most extraordinary. They’ve been around for hundreds of millions of years, and we’re only now starting to understand just how important they are – not just to the natural world, but also to the world of medicine. Discover the real value of horseshoe crabs, found throughout New Jersey's Hidden Coast – the Delaware Bayshore.

A new episode of our video series "New Jersey's Hidden Coast" will air every two weeks throughout the summer. Catch a glimpse of the bay, the horseshoe crab at the center of the bay's system, and the incredible relationship between horseshoe crabs and migratory birds, like the red knot. We will reveal the real value of horseshoe crabs, the challenges to the ecosystem, and the potential for a thriving regional economy along the Bayshore. We will show Hurricane Sandy as a catalyst for decisive action and the work being done to rebuild the area for both people and wildlife.

Read more: Hidden Coast Episode 2

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